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Pius Xii, the Holocaust And the Revisionists: Essays

Through a series of articles and essays, the editor and eight contributors critique the works of revisionists who allege that Pius XII was sympathetic to the Nazis or unresistant to their atrocities. The essays discuss the roots of these views in the relentless Nazi and communist propaganda of the era, and the debate’s revival after a flawed stage play portrayed the pope as a leader afraid to speak out. By bringing intellectual rigor and responsibility to the issue, this work makes a solid contribution to the history and to the biography of Pius XII in the World War II era.

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“Critical-and devastating…astute…documentation…literally irrefutable” Kenneth D.Whitehead, , Former Assistant Secretary of Education

“Gallo’s book is composed of essays, half of which were written by himself, half by such internationally prominent scholars at Matteo Napolitano of Italy and Jeno Levai of Hungary. Half of the essays are new for this book…readers will be treated to the trenchant wit of Justus George Lawler and the inexorable marshalling of evidence of Ronald Rychlak.”

Eugene J.Fisher, Associate Director of the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Religious Affairs

“Gallo contributes five original essays in the book. In the first and longest
essay, he provides an excellent overview of the controversy and shows how
the pope’s reputation has suffered at the hands of the revisionist authors.”
Dimitri Cavalli, First Things

” The authors of the chapters of the chapters are agreed that what they consider the revisionist view of Pius XII is grossly unfair and in need of correction.”

Gerhard Weinberg,University of North Carolina

For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance

Patriotism ! Live! Hate ! honor! Betrayal ! Courage ! Compassion ! Fear ! Hope! these are the ingredients of novels but, Patrick Gallo weaves an engrossing account of the Italian resistance in southern Italy. During World II resistance movements arose in all countries occupied by fascist and Nazi forces. Many people are startled to learn that there was a resistance movement in Italy. Most accounts of American scholars concentrate on the resistance in Central and Northern Italy and summarily dismiss the South. For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance has as its focus the resistance movement in Rome. Professor Gallo contends that the Rome-based resistance movement not only undermined German morale but achieved important strategic objectives. This study is based on a series of in-depth interviews with the men and women who took part in the resistance in Rome. With the drama of war and Nazi occupation as a backdrop, the author paints a vivid picture of the life of a partisan. Professor Gallo attempts to correct the historical record and asserts that Italy produced one of the most successful and mass-based resistance movements in all of Europe. For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance is indispensable reading for the specialist as well as the general reader.

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“Those interested in the literature of World War Ii should avail themselves of Patrick Gallo’s For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance. Readers will find Gallo’s book laden with narrative detail and first person accounts.” Mary Jo Bona

“Gallo has done an admirable job of synthesizing a vast and contentious body of scholarship and obviously has a deep admiration and respect for the anti-fascist Resistance, qualities that are today sometimes lacking in the scholarship.” Stanislao Pugliese, Hofstra University

“Patrick Gallo has long been a trusted name in the field of Italian and Italian American history and culture….Old Bread New Wine and Ethnic Alienation are major resources in the field that continue to serve scholars and students. For Love and Country is a compelling and thorough look at one of the strongest and most successful resistance movements…Gallo pairs dramatic recreations of key events with clear, concise historical analysis of the events…You don’t have to be a scholar or even a student to get through the well-documented,300 -page-narrative.” Dr.Fred Gardaphe, Fra Noi

“…a useful narrative account of the resistance movement in Italy in the final stages of the second world war…Gallo has skillfully exploited a large number of secondary sources in various languages. Association of Contemporary Church History Newsletter.

” Patrick J.Gallo’s For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance is an enormously impressive contribution to the literature of World War I and indispensable reading for the general reader as well as the specialist. Paul Paolicelli, Italian Tribune.

“The author’s technique is narrative…a lively and interesting set of interviews with ten participants in the active Resistance, five women  and five men. Their stories should be brought to a wider readership. Gallo makes really vivid use of their testimony…”   Jonathan Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania

Old Bread, New Wine: A Portrait of the Italian Americans.

Old Bread, New Wine tells the epic story of the Italian-American experience.  The author describes the conditions in Italy that led to the mass immigration. America was the land of opportunity, and for impoverished Italian immigrants it was a chance for a new beginning One thing that helped to sustain the immigrants in a new land was their rich and glorious family tradition. The formation of hundreds of ” Little Italy’s” in American cities eased the immigrants transition. The history of Italian Americans encompasses success and failure, trouble and triumph, laughter and tears. Once settled Italian-Americans  became involved in every aspect of American life. The author provides fresh and provocative interpretations that making it a classic study of an American ethnic group.


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“Patrick J.Gallo’s Old Bread,New Wine: A Portrait of the Italian-Americans recounts as is his stated purpose, a documented history of the arrival of Italian immigrants to these shores from the 17th century to the present…Early on in” Old Bread,New Wine,” Dr.Gallo poses this question on behalf of Italian-Americans: What made us what we are?” Never dull and often passionate, his portrait, although etched by anger at ethnic stereotypes, glows with pride of heritage.”
Shirley Homer, New York Times

“The portrait is a fascinating social document and previously scholarly findings and journalistic accounts of Italian-Americans are seen through the eyes of a perceptive political scientist.” Lydio Tomasi, Contemporary Sociology.

“Recommended” -Library Journal

“Gallo’s analyses are perceptive and penetrating…Much of his work is applicable not only to the Italian-American Experience, but to those of other ethnic groups…” Best Sellers

“Gallo’s book takes the reader on a journey back through more than three centuries, and then delves into detail regard the Italian-American dimension of life in the United States. While the chapters manage to convey information that might be contained in scholarly textbooks the style is casually readable.” – Winnie Bonelli, The News: MetroLife.

“The author, a political scientist, is once again concerned with the Italo-American struggle for economic and political recognition…Repeatedly, histories of immigration( including this one) continue to refute early descriptions of ethnics as downtrodden and alienated, as portrayed in Oscar Handlin’s popular book The Uprooted…Gallo’s volume is only one of the latest to indicate that relatively few foreigners ” got stuck ” in the regressive economic mold depicted by Handlin years ago…”

Andrew Rolle, Occidental College


The American Paradox: Politics and Justice

The American Paradox: Politics and Justice is a history of the evolving administration of justice in America. Reconstructing political trials from the beginning of the Republic to the present time .Patrick J.Gallo demonstrates how political motives and dissenting views enter into the courtroom and supplanted the rule of law. The author traces political trials through various eras, through World War I, the rise of communism and the McCarthy period to the antiwar protests during the Vietnam war.  Though political trials are not the norm they have been a historical constant and therefore demand analysis. Dr.Gallo writes,”  I have made no attempt to write a definitive history of political trials in America. Rather, my selective history seeks to clarify the why of them.”What is a political trial? Why do they occur?  Professor Gallo illuminates the consequences of the intersection of politics with the justice system.

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“Gallo’s book is a superb piece of scholarship. It’s a fascinating read written with clarity and authority”

“This is a comprehensive, engagingly written history of the use of the American judicial system for political purpose…a unique book in its field.”

“A provocative, brilliant, a seminal work. A must read.”
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ENEMIES: Mussolini and the Antifascists

Murder! Political intrigue! Scandal! War! While these elements are typically found in any popular novel, Enemies: Mussolini and the Antifascists by Dr.Patrick J.Gallo is not a made up story. Rather, it is a true account of the persistence, courage, and even the shortcomings of the Italian antifascists, who ended Mussolini’s oppressive regime and awakened the world to the dangers of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Dr.Gallo paints a vivid picture of the Italian antifascists, a movement that formed after the mysterious, brutal murder Giacomo Matteoti, a prominent socialist leader and parliamentarian who opposed Mussolini. The antifascists would provide a crucial link with the armed resistance that developed in 1943. Their clash with Mussolini’s regime was vital to both the forging of a consensus about Italy’s future as a democracy, and ridding Italy of fascism after the war. Gallo seeks to correct the popular misunderstanding concerning the existence of an antifascist movement prior to, as well as during World War II. The antifascist movement,  Dr.Gallo asserts was a strong one, involving a variety of groups across the political spectrum.

The breakdown of the consensus that Mussolini created resulted from his intervention in the Spanish Civil War, his alliance with Nazi Germany, the passage of the anti-Semitic racial laws, and his decision to enter the war in 1940.

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Ethnic Alienation: The Italian-Americans

In this timely  and ground-breaking study of the political behavior of three generations of Italian-Americans, Patrick Gallo deals with a fundamental issue in American society: Does the political system exclude certain groups from sharing political power? Although focusing on Italian-Americans, the author develops a theoretical framework for the study of ethnic alienation among other groups, and seeks to determine whether the American political system sharpens or neutralizes the sense of exclusion from dominant roles and values, and from society. In spite of increasing assimilation why does ethnicity still play an important role in the political behavior of Italian-Americans? Dr Gallo reaches some novel conclusions on these and many other related questions.

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“Gallo’s study is the first monograph to deal systematically with Italian-American political behavior. As such it is important reading for anyone doing original research in the area of ethnic politics.
Michael P. Riccards, State University College at Buffalo

“This timely and ground-breaking study of three generations of Italian-American deals with a fundamental issue in American society. Does the political system tend to exclude certain groups from sharing political power.” Nielsen BookData

“Gallo’s analysis of the cultural and structural factors in Italian-American alienation is important.”
Jonn Bodner, Pennsylvania History

“Gallo … explains the voting behavior of Italian-Americans as the reaction ofa politically alienated group.”Norma De Candido, American Political Science Review

The Urban Experience of Italian-Americans

 The  millions of Italian immigrants who were part of that vast stream of immigration since 1880 came to urban America and set the pattern of settlement for future generations. The urban preference of Italians has been greater than it has been for succeeding generations. We need to know more fully and accurately what has happened to Italian-Americans in urban America. How and why does ethnicity and social class intersect to influence their  political perceptions and political choices ? How have Italian-Americans adapted to local urban politics? The answers to these questions are important not only to Italian-Americans. They are questions that are relevant to all Americans. The papers which form the core of this volume were delivered at the eighth annual conference of the American-Italian Historical Association at Queens College. Dr. Gallo was the conference coordinator and the editor of The Urban Experience of Italian-Americans.

Swords and Plowshares: The United States and Disarmament

Throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty first, nations have searched for the means of reconciling the search for disarmament with the need for security. Nuclear power, with its vast possibilities for mass destruction, has given added urgency to efforts to control its use and proliferation. Dr.Gallo provides a thorough history of  America’s disarmament policy from 1898 to 1963. This is a timely study especially in understanding the promise, limitations, and even hazards in reaching arms control agreement today. Nuclear arms and their proliferation in volatile regions in the world are a source of fear that events could spin out of control. President Kennedy called it   ” the sword of Damocles.”

India’s Image of the International System

Dr.Gallo was awarded the DAS Prize from New York University for this intriguing image study of India’s perceptions of the international system. The author provides a framework applicable to other nations beyond India. The author asks: Is India’s image of the international system an adjustment to the reality of the current system or an attempt to replace a disagreeable reality with an agreeable ideal?

Articles Written

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” Italian Americans in America,” Retrospect and Prospect,” In Humbert Nelli, The United Sates and Italy ( N.Y: American Italian Historical Association)

” Castro and the Cuban Revolution,” Journal of International Politics ( Florence, Italy)

” Student Alienation at an American University,” Journal of Italian Sociology.

Nationalism and Communism in the Trade Union Movement of Latin America,” Journal of International Politics ( Florence,Italy)

” Understanding the Vietnam War,” New University Thought.

” In Search of Atlantis,” NJEA Review.

Insight Into The Game of Politics” NJEA Review.

” Italy and the United Nations,” Journal of International Politics ( Florence Italy)